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 Update the Raspberry PI Firmware. Update the Raspberry PI Firmware.
 <code bash>​sudo rpi-update</​code>​ <code bash>​sudo rpi-update</​code>​
-This produces an output like this one:+Use this command **__with caution__** and only, when you know, what you are doing. ​This downloads the latest kernel from github. Be aware, this might also be an unstable kernel! //So usually there is not need for executing this command!// If a kernel is tested and stable you will get it anyway, by calling ''​sudo apt-get dist-upgrade''​. 
 +If you update the kernel with the current one, this produces an output like this one:
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 pi@RaspberryPi ~ $ sudo rpi-update ​ pi@RaspberryPi ~ $ sudo rpi-update ​
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